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A Dare Took Life of an Australian Man After Keeping Him Paralyzed for 8 Years

A Dare Took Life of an Australian Man After Keeping Him Paralyzed for 8 Years

A man in Sydney is dead after swallowing a slug in a dare from friends. The simple dare let him paralyzed for eight years. Sam Ballard, 28, was a student-athlete and rugby player. Hanging out with friends one night and in a drunken state Ballard was dared to eat a slug that was slithering across a patio. At that time, in 2010, he was 19 years old. He did not have any problems after eating the mollusk. But after a couple of days, Ballard began to experience severe pain in his legs and throughout the body.

Ballard underwent medical tests, and the things they scared of has happened. His father said he had multiple sclerosis. After some time, Ballard thought about if his pain was related to eating the slug. Later on, doctors analyzed him with rat lungworm, a disorder which typically affects rodents only. Still, snails can get have the infection if they consume rat feces. According to other news sources, the severe brain damage occurred when the lungworm wandered from his digestive system to his central nervous system. Moreover, lungworm is also known as Angiostronglyus cantonesis. It is primarily present across Southeast Asia and the Pacific. The roundworm develops inside rats’ pulmonary arteries and completes its lifespan there itself.

According to health experts, most of the people recover from the affliction, but Ballard did not. Instead, he got worse, lapsing in the coma for 420 days. Eventually, he had a severe form of paralysis. However, an Australian news show, The Sunday Project, which first highlighted Ballard’s dilemma in 2017. Moving forward, he partially recovered control over limbs via physiotherapy and continued to spend time with his loved ones and friends. People close to him state he understood everything happening around him. Although, unfortunately, he remained to require 24 by seven care until his death.

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