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A Fake Alexa Setup App Is Fooling Thousands of Customers

A Fake Alexa Setup App Is Fooling Thousands of Customers

Amazon has been running so many promotions on Alexa devices that almost every family in the US has one Echo device. It seems the same rush has caused some serious security threats to their privacy. According to the latest report, a fake Alexa set-up app is trending on app stores and the same has been downloaded by a huge number of Alexa users.

The app became so popular among users that it was one of the top-10 apps in Apple’s App Store. The filtering systems at Apple could not find the threats in the app apparently. Before the story even broke out, thousands of users had installed the app. Setup for Amazon Alexa is the name given for the app and it seems so genuine at the first look. The users who’ve been fooled cannot be blamed for what they’ve done.

Apparently, this Alexa setup app allows users to get started with the Alexa device and the assistant. The set-up, the app said, is simpler and would be completed in no time. In addition to this, the developers of app do claim that the app showcases some of the unique commands, which will allow users to ‘take control’ of their Alexa devices.

As of now, the app has been taken down by Apple and it cannot be downloaded by users. Nevertheless, the case of those who have already installed the application in their device is not clear yet. Of course, users are being encouraged to uninstall the application as earlier as possible. It should be noted that the app does not cause any serious problem.

Nevertheless, using a third-party application to set up Alexa-powered devices isn’t something recommended by experts. There is also a chance that the confidential information is being traded by the developers — who are not affiliated to Amazon.

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