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Apple Acknowledges a Serious Flaw in iPhone

Apple Acknowledges a Serious Flaw in iPhone

Apple has admitted to technical problems on its iPhone X touchscreen. The company launched $1,000 mobile in the previous year. Apple says users may experience touch issue due to a component failure. The company says it will fix the problems free of cost. Additionally, it may start throttling the handsets if their batteries reduce. On the other hand, the firm has warned its users. It said that hard drives on its MacBook Pro laptops are also having problems. Furthermore, this may result in losing data of users.

Apple posted a page for replacement program on its web portal on Friday. Apple said a component on display is evoking issues with the touchscreen. Handsets may respond steadily or not at all when users prod the screen. Apple also admits that the display could respond when user not even touches it. Strangely, Apple has excluded its common line which says only a small number of devices are affected. Forbes continues and explains that there’s good news, as the display problems are easy to catch. And Apple assures its users that the company will replace the display module on qualified devices, free of cost.

The company also alarms the iPhone X owners who are having any damages on screen or cracked screen are required to get it repaired first. In short, in some cases, there will be an extended cost associated with the additional repair. Mainly it is going to affect if one doesn’t have AppleCare insurance. Although, the company has been accused of attempting to profit from its repair schemes by forcing consumers to first pay for excess repairs. According to a report from BBC’s Watchdog, before admiring its promise of cut-price battery repairs, Apple insisted customers coughed-up fix needless issues. More noticeable is Apple’s recent warning means severe hardware flaws have an impact on iPhone X, iPhone8, iPhone7, and iPhone6

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