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Austin Department of Transportation Orders Removal of 1,000 E-Scooters from Its Streets

Austin Department of Transportation Orders Removal of 1,000 E-Scooters from Its Streets

The news comes from Austin Kxan, where the Department of Transportation has ordered an e-scooter company to remove its bikes. On Monday, operator of the dockless green e-bikes removed around 1,000 of the fleet’s scooters from the streets of the city. Austin stated that the company has too many bikes in the downtown area many times between 14th -20th November. And the area of the city denies it from having more than 500 scooters in that area. According to the officials, it is an issue of safety. Furthermore, ATD claims the company broke the city’s laws, as well as rules, mainly to shared small vehicle mobility systems.

In the wake, Robert Spillar issued a memo to Mayor Steve Adler and Austin City Council on 29th November. According to the memo, there is an order to reduce 20% of Lime’s authorized dockless bikes duo to breaches. The note claims that Lime broke these rules five number of times. And it also positioned more than 500 bikes on the streets. Spillar’s memo also asserts that the company dispensed around 624 units more than the granted limits. On the other side, Lime denies the claims in the notice. Sam Sadle, Lime Director of Government Relations and Strategic Development, said Austin is one of a city having the dockless units. And the city has those cap based bikes depending upon its geographic regions.

Following Sadle, the thing took place due to high demand from customers. Besides, the company doesn’t aim to over-deploy the city. Sadle also said that they worked around the clock to fix the issue, and looking forward to work with the City of Austin. Meanwhile, there’s good news for the e-scooter lovers. Lime still has 4,000 bikes downtown. After a month, the city will govern if the company is in good position or not. And if it is in good status, the company is free to take scooters back to the street.

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