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The editorial team at Daily Research News is so effective that we have been able to improve our readership in a short amount of time, without actually compromising quality of our own ethics. This would not have been possible if it was not for the great minds we have here, including the professional veterans and the freshers out there. One of the policies we follow at Daily Research News is that we don’t restrict the editorial team to in-house writers. On the other hand, we have an inclusive policy that invites writers from across the globe. This is such a cool opportunity if you want to become a contributor.

Unlike what most people may think, becoming a contributor at Daily Research News is not rocket science. Anyone — who has a great command over language and a clear idea about what they are writing on — can become a contributor at this website. Our whole point is that the articles you write should be resourceful and useful to the readership community and other people who might come across the published information. Although we allow our contributors to utilize their freedom when it comes to writing, there are some rules that can be worth following. Some of them are:

  • The news articles should have an optimal word count of 300 to 450 words, depending on the level of depth that the author wants to follow.
  • We recommend the use of language that is easily understood and devoid of the tough diction. Major objective of the article has to be informing the reader and not making them embarrassed with a lot of information or tough language.
  • Daily Research News has a strict policy when it comes to rejecting articles that have grammatical errors. While we may correct minor grammatical errors, contributors are requested to use services like Grammarly