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CDC Warns Americans Not to Eat Raw Cookie Dough Before Holidays

CDC Warns Americans Not to Eat Raw Cookie Dough Before Holidays

Who don’t like cookies? No, I think every one of us like cookies. Many inspired bakers make cookies at their home by using the raw dough. Even if the cookies are mouth-watering, raw cookie dough is dangerous for health. Consequently, the health specialists at the Centers for Disease Control say eating raw bakery products can be hazardous. Raw ingredients used to make cookies carries a high risk of infections. According to the health officials, raw eggs are vulnerable to salmonella, and raw dough carries a risk of E. coli virus. Besides, both viruses can affect health and can raise a severe illness.

While making cookies many people have a habit to dip a finger in the batter eagerly, or some people like to lick the bowl. The CDC’s health experts call it an equivalent of Russian roulette. The action is widespread in the movies, where hero loads a bullet into one chamber of a revolver, rolls the cylinder, and then pulls the trigger keeping the gun pointed towards own head. This warning is also for the toddlers and kids who play with raw dough. The CDC evaluates around 1 million Americans are contracted to Salmonella every year. While the sickness is not so dangerous, but it may result in food poisoning.

Similarly, raw dough is not processed to kill bacteria, and they are still present in the blended raw mixture. CDC also recalled some doughs batters citing E. coli contamination. Similar to Salmonella, E. coli is not a fatal infection, but it may spoil your holidays. Whereas, in case of food poisoning stomach ache and diarrhea takes place. So it takes 48 hours to reveal the symptoms of salmonella. But in the case of E. coli, it takes three to four days. Therefore, on Sunday the CDC put out a warning recommending the U.S. people not to consume raw cookie dough. The CDC warning suggests not to eat any raw dough whether for cookies, tortillas, biscuits, pancakes or pizzas.

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