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Google and iRobot Associate to Develop a Smarter Home by Using Roomba Mapping

Google and iRobot Associate to Develop a Smarter Home by Using Roomba Mapping

Google and iRobot are working together to enhance smart home technology. They incline to utilize mapping data collected by iRobot’s robot vacuums. In short, they aim to make smart homes more attentive by leveraging the unique dataset collected by iRobot. The data will be nothing but maps of users house. Google has mapped the outer world broadly for many years. Now progressively it wants to do the same for the indoors. Furthermore, “mapping stores” is one of the best examples of Google’s outdoor mapping. With this feature, users can quickly locate stores for shopping. Currently, the company is nurturing with Roomba-maker iRobot. This is to get a better sense of users house and make advancements in the smart home.

The two will discover new ways to pair their platforms beyond Google Assistant control. This new finding may include a Roomba’s map-based spatial awareness to simplify home setup. Additionally, it will stimulate new powerful automations. Colin Angle, iRobot chief, said to The Verge that it could assist to locate smart home devices accurately. The maps could spot where your lights are, for example, in a future robot would know to fetch a cold drink. Thus, to get a cold drink, it will first locate a connected refrigerator. Although, it’s an obvious thing that why a user will share a home map with Google? After all its a privacy concern. Consequently, the company’s Michelle Turner highlighted that Google would not use the data for its ads or other services. It’s up to the user whether to share information or not.

Colin Angle, the iRobot CEO, says the partnership is the groundwork for future smart homes. The idea is that when a user says, “Ok Google, turn on the lights in the kitchen”. In this case, it is essential to know what lights are in the kitchen. Turner says the dream is not just to create a smart home, but a thoughtful home, where it requires less input from users and transform to user’s wants and needs. They think a thoughtful home has a context and that is the thing that iRobot has done an outstanding job on, says Turner.

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