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Google employees Walkout on account of sexual harassment in the company

Google employees Walkout on account of sexual harassment in the company

The #MeToo movement strike Google on Thursday as thousands of employees walked out from their desk. The move influenced from Asia to Europe and throughout the U.S. It focused on a destructive culture at the workplace that has turned a blind eye to sexual harassment and discrimination. In the wake of a recent New York Times report that unrolled years of accusations of sexual harassment. It also focused huge exit packages for executives claimed for sexual misbehavior. Thus on the act, workers across the world planned the “Google Walkout”, to happen at 11:10 a.m. Local time. Even though it was a planned women’s walkout, both men and women participated in the protest.

Ann Arbor, a Senior business consultant at Google and Andi Heseltine, co-organizer of the walkout, addressed a speech to the participants. They said it had been a tough week here; it’s a first time in their career. They are not proud to be a Googler. However, the company has given so much to them, and they recognize the opportunities. But, bad behavior is not at all acceptable. Tanuja Gupta, one of the Googler, said she had both sexual harassment and a sexual unfairness case. Furthermore, she was pressurized to use arbitration. Tanuja said she blocked out some flashbacks of it, but anybody else should not do that anymore.

Similarly, the company’s Singapore and Tokyo office also protested. All over more than 1,000 employees participated in the walkout, a representative said. A massive protest reported in Zurich, Singapore also. On the other hand, Sundar Pichai, the Google CEO, has promised to support for the move. He said moments like this reveal that the company did not always right, so he has committed to do things better. Workers have elevated constructive ideas regarding improvements in policies and procedures to move forward, he said.  Additionally, Google says it backs the protest. The company also admits that it has fired 48 employees over sexual misbehavior charges from the previous two years.

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