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Google Isolates 13 Apps from Play Store Acknowledging Them as Malicious Apps

Google Isolates 13 Apps from Play Store Acknowledging Them as Malicious Apps

Google has ousted thirteen apps for containing malware. The company took action after a security analyst revealed that the apps were disadvantageous. Whereas, malware is a software that can damage users device, view sensitive data. Besides, it may display ads persistently while using a device. Surprisingly, before eliminating the harmful apps from the store, around 560,000 users downloaded them. Additionally, all of the apps are a brainchild of the same developer. Luiz O. Pinto is a solitary creator who masked the apps as car racing games. According to NDTV, when people tried to open the games, the apps crashed. Although, the people attempted to re-install those malicious apps on their devices.

Lukas Stefanko, the security analyst from digital security company ESET, discovered about the fact. He also mentioned names of dangerous games in his post on the social media platform. Although, the games had various faces like delightful car racing or firefighter truck driving, all of them comprised of active simulators. According to Stefanko, none of the games functioned adequately. After installing the game, it asked a user to download an additional item called Game Center. And when the user attempts to open the game, it disappeared automatically. Consequently, the games icon also become hidden.

Some of the apps were displayed under “trending” category on the app store. However, this is not at first site that Google is hosting malware apps in the Play store. Formerly, in January, Google published a post revealing that it has eliminated more than 7,00,000 apps which breached the Google Play Policies. Besides, the company also removed inadequate developers from the app store in 2017. Last year, auto-clicking adware named Judy influenced 41 apps and also impacted many android users. Also, FalseGuide, another botnet malware, corrupted millions of Android devices via Google Play. Additionally, the company reported 250,000 million apps on account of imitating popular apps on the platform.

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