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Google Unveils Dark Mode for Android Phones to Save Battery Life

Google Unveils Dark Mode for Android Phones to Save Battery Life

Google recommends its Android smartphone users to use dark mode. The new mode is for the users who wish to have a longer battery life on their devices. The company announced at the 2018 Dev Summit that using dark mode increase the battery life of Android smartphones. The most significant contributor to consume batteries is the brightness of the screen. Additionally, the color of the screen also consumes more battery. However, dark mode transforms the color of the entire OS or applications into the black. The tech giant revealed the fact through a presentation. It represented how dark mode devours 43% less battery compared to normal mode with full brightness, while the use of too much white is a tradition.

Google also accepted the flaw of motivating app developers to use the white color for their apps. The company also explained the connection between activating the dark mode and saving battery life. It resembles that the screen’s brightness increments smartphone’s power consumption. Additionally, Google disclosed that a Pixel smartphone which has an AMOLED display could minimize power usage by 63% when it is using Google Maps app in night mode.

Google stated that among red, blue, and green, blue consumes more power of about 25% more than the other two colors. The good news is dark mode has already started to appear in Google apps for Android. Eventually, Google also accepted that at maximum brightness, black barely uses up a smartphone’s charge, particularly compared to display a white screen. This is because showing while elements use all the diverse components of the screen. The apps are getting updated in line with Material Design 2. Moreover, it is a part of the push is the release of dark modes. Users should try enabling dark mode for their apps if the feature is readily available.

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