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Google’s Newly-Formed Health Division Acquires DeepMind’s Health App

Google’s Newly-Formed Health Division Acquires DeepMind’s Health App

DeepMind, one of the British artificial intelligence company, is assigning authority of its health branch to its parent company Google. Furthermore, as a part of a progressive reorganization of its health care efforts, Google has declared that it’s absorbing DeepMind Health. It is one of Google’s AI lab in London. Therefore, in the future, DeepMind’s health unit will instead prevail under the Google umbrella. Additionally, it will be a part of the company’s new Google Health initiative. Mainly, DeepMind’s Streams app is a trusted app of many doctors in the UK. They used the app to help cure their patients. This app will be a part of Google. Also, Google’s Health team will be actively functioning to promote the app to other regions.

The company’s Health team is under observation of David Feinberg, former CEO of Geisinger. The footsteps are a part of a broader strategy to escalate collaboration and communication among Alphabet’s different health projects, as they extend across the organization. Thus, from this week, the DeepMind will no more be a self-governing group. It will now just be a fragment of Google. The company published a blog post on Thursday to announce the news. In the post, the Google mentioned that it would continue with health research via its scholarly partners. However, the outcomes ready to deploy will now be under the company’s parasol.

Formerly the Streams project was launched two years ago and used by UK hospitals. The hospitals like the Royal Free, London, and Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton also used it. The project does not make use of artificial intelligence. Conversely, the app initiates mobile alerts when a patient’s vital signs or blood results seem to be irregular. Demis Hassabis, DeepMind’s CEO, said one of the reasons they collaborated with Google is to get a platform. This will assist the company to bring its technologies more swiftly on the broader world and that too at scale. On the other hand, the newly-developed Google Health division will involve a products division. The section will integrate health hardware inclusive of a research exertion. Likewise, the company has made considerable investments to introduce digital technologies in the medical field.

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