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Jeff Bezos Fears Amazon Might Fail In Future

Jeff Bezos Fears Amazon Might Fail In Future

When you are running a business, you always hope your business to succeed in future, but Jeff Bezos who is the founder of largest e-commerce website Amazon reportedly in a meeting said company’s employees that “Amazon might fail in future.”  While addressing to employees at Amazon’s internal meeting, Jeff Bezos said that Amazon might not be able to survive in future because he thinks no company can predict how their future is going to be.  As per the reports, someone in the meeting asked a question to Jeff Bezos regarding the latest liquidation of Sears, and some other retailers and Jeff Bezos think “Amazon is also not too big to fail and it might also become obsolete in future.”

According to Jeff Bezos, no company can survive more than 30 or 40 years, and if you want to stay in business for more than this period, then you will have to obsessed with customers to give them the perfect service.  Many companies after getting a little bit of success do not follow the actual motto of why that company was first established, and due to the competition, it becomes more laborious to survive in the industry.  Amazon is that company which had gained a tremendous amount of support from its customers, and that is the reason why Jeff Bezos give importance to the only one thing in business, and that is customer satisfaction.

When one company dominate most of the industry, then that company faces lots of criticism and negativity, and that is happening with Amazon.  Amazon has been governing the entire e-commerce industry from last few years but from last few months the company’s been into lots of controversies because there had been a political pressure on the company to raise wage rate and many other regulatory authorities were questioning to the company, and that’s the reason investors are also worried.  There’s still no perfect reason why Jeff Bezos gave this statement, but we think it might be because of the recent troubles company going through.

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