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Measles Outbreak in Lakewood Soars 6 Confirmed Cases with Some Suspicious Cases

Measles Outbreak in Lakewood Soars 6 Confirmed Cases with Some Suspicious Cases

The New Jersey Department of Health has confirmed six cases of measles. The health officials are seeking for people who are vulnerable to the disease, as the outbreak persists in spreading. Additionally, the health department has confirmed two more cases of measles in Ocean County. Although the epidemic in Lakewood now has six victims, with another seven suspected cases. The outbreak relates to a person who recently came back from an abroad trip to Israel. According to the Ocean County Department of Health hundreds of people have gotten measles vaccine on account of the outbreak. Officials say the infected people may have introduced infection to other people. The infected people were present at the sites in Lakewood between 25th October to 1st November.

The health officials recommend people to contact health provider if they suspect to have the infection. Moreover, the people should first call a health care provider before going to a medical center so that they can make special arrangements for an evaluation. As a result, the elevation of infection to other people and medical staff will not take place. Daniel Regenye, a public health coordinator for the Ocean County Health Department, said officials are counseling people regarding the outbreak. Besides they are suggesting those, who may have been exposed to call health care providers for advice. He said the virus can easily elevate through the air and is very robust. Not only that, the virus can remain active on surfaces for two hours. And if an infectious person is present in a room, it could spread through the whole building.

Daniel also said that it depends on the HVAC system. Measles can take three weeks to appear. According to Dr. Christina Tan, state epidemiologist, two doses of measles vaccine are around 97% potent to prevent the disease. Apart from this, the infection in a pregnant woman may lead to miscarriage or premature birth. As specified by Dr. Christina getting vaccines will not only protect us, it protects other people around us. It will also protect people who are too young to have the vaccine or who cannot receive it due to some medical conditions.

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