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Mr. Boy Rolls Out a New Series Self-Developed Video Games

Mr. Boy Rolls Out a New Series Self-Developed Video Games

Rapper Soulja Boy is jumping into the global video games market. In spite of functioning with a traditional developer to make a mobile game, or selling his voice to a character, Mr. Boy is rolling out a handheld dashboard. In previous week Mr. Boy launched a watch, SouljaWatch, and now it’s a video game. On Wednesday, the rapper rolled out his brand new SouljaGame console, and it is available on his web portal. Now, the Soulja Boy will sell two different types of consoles on his website namely, SouljaGame Console and SouljaGame Handheld.

Firstly, the SouljaGame console is price tagged $200 and includes 800 inbuilt games. Additionally, it also permits to access to SOULJAGAME/PS/NEOGEO/PC/ SEGA/GBA/NES games. Secondly, the SouljaGame Handheld also prices for $200 and includes 3,000 inbuilt games. Furthermore, the titles range from NeoGeo games to Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color. And it also comprises three more consoles. So far, it seems like Mr. Boys fans are holding their breath to purchase the artist’s gaming consoles. According to multimedia website Polygon, the rapper is selling illegal emulators and reselling them.

The SouljaGame have a refreshing 3-inch screen, but it doesn’t have a touchscreen control. Although the unit appears like the Wii U gamepad, comparatively it has a bigger screen than Mr. Boy’s console. In line to the images displayed on the SouljaGame website, the console can be connected to the TV. But it is not clear whether the company will provide cables as free accessories to its users. Moreover, it will require RCA cables to connect to a TV. Mr. Boy said that the first purchaser of his console brought tears to his eyes. Tears of happiness! He also thanks for the support and assures to continue his tech company. Mr. Boy promises to develop his tech company in the gaming world. All in all, Soulja Boy tweeted that he made $250,000 off within 24 hours of sale.

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