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New Cases of Adenovirus Outbreak Diagnosed in New Jersey

New Cases of Adenovirus Outbreak Diagnosed in New Jersey

Two more cases of adenovirus in separate outbreaks at pediatric centers reported in New Jersey. Since the second outbreak of adenovirus is reported at a long-term care facility for medically fragile children in Camden County. Previously, news reporting 27 confirmed cases at the Wanaque Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation rolled out. The two centers are amid four statewide that take care of medically retired children having severe disabilities. Already four children have been recognized with the virus at the Voorhees Pediatric Facility. According to the health officials, the total number of cases is 34.

Along with that ten affected children have died at the Wanaque Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation. Consequently, state health officials validated the 29th case of illness at the facility. The disease has captured children from long-term facilities who rely upon ventilators to breathe. However, the residents at Wanaque center started showing symptoms from 26th of September. Additionally, a staff member also became sick because of the virus and had recovered. On the other hand, Shereef Elnahal, state’s Health Commissioner declared one more case of infection. The infected child belongs to a long-term care facility in Camden County. Meanwhile, the outbreak at Voorhees Pediatric Facility in South Jersey is having a less severe type of adenovirus. This virus is milder than that took place at the Wanaque Center.

According to CDC, the infection was verified in four children at Voorhees facility. Three of them have already recovered, and no one is dead. Elnahal said the Department and local health associates are working with the facility to control infection. They are providing infection control recommendations and looking for other possible solutions. The CDC anticipates the development of more number of cases. Generally, adenovirus does not affect as a severe disease in healthy children. However, the virus can be harmful to children with medical concerns and a weak immune system. Typically, it leads to a cold, sore throat, and fever. These symptoms follow disorders like pneumonia, diarrhea, pinkeye or inflammation of the bladder.  At the moment, the facilities are not allowing any new admissions. They will do so until the outbreak is over.

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