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Now screen readers will be able to read posts on Instagram

Now screen readers will be able to read posts on Instagram

Generally, people use Instagram to share pics and videos and thus share a cluster of moments on the social media platform. Although, what about those who have visual disabilities.  However, the company is reframing to make the service more comfortable to use for people having visual defects. Today the company announced two new features that will allow screen readers to read the photos descriptions. A new machine learning algorithm is used to create an alternative text. Moreover, the caption would be either an AI generated text or a caption scripted by users. Therefore, the eyeless people will be able to recognize what’s happening in posts.

However, there will be two different strategies that will append an alternative text to an image. Firstly, the automatic alternative text depends on an object recognition technology to develop an explanation. Furthermore, these descriptions will comprise a list of objects that surface in an image. Secondly, users are free to bestow a narrative to their pic while posting it. Besides, the user-input alternative text option will appear on the users’ screen. It is a step aside, but it’s a useful thing for one of us. And no machine-generated text can be compared with human ones since the in-depth level is possible only if a human being describes it. A big yes to the object recognition technology, it will undoubtedly reveal various text descriptions on items in the Feed, Explore and Profile sectors.

Mainly, if a user fails to specify any description, Instagram will automatically recognize what’s in a photo. Additionally, users have to enable an option available in “advanced settings”, to view the alt text. Consequently, Instagram is not a pioneer to bestow such kind of functionality, before it two other social media services have the feature. Both Twitter and Facebook provide accessibility options, inclusive of a text that describes the image. All in all, it’s good news for blind and visually disabled people. Now it is easy to use this app for them, and one of the remarkable finding.

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