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Samsung Advertised a Foldaway Smartphone at Its Developer Conference

Samsung Advertised a Foldaway Smartphone at Its Developer Conference

As gossiped, Samsung showed off a model of a folding display yesterday (November 7) at its developer conference. The tech giant has been teasing the idea of launching a foldable smartphone. The company eventually presented for what we all were waiting. It’s a smartphone when we fold, and a tablet if we unfold.  In the conference at San Francisco, the South Korean electronics giant announced a new foldable phone, the Infinity Flex Display. The new model seems like a compact smartphone, which can be stretched out like a book. After unfolding, it turns into a more prominent display of 7.3-inch; one can also use it as a tablet.

Infinity Flex is not a fully-developed device, but a pretty first-look of what Samsung can now do. Formerly support for foldable devices was announced at the Android Developer’s Summit in California. At that time, the invention was at its early stages of development. The new phone has an AMOLED display to fold down the middle showing a secondary manifestation of 4-inches. Therefore, the user will have a perfect combination of a smartphone and a tablet. Additionally, it is a revolutionary step to combine a tablet and a smartphone. Consequently, if a user wishes to watch a movie, one can easily unfold the device for a large screen experience.

Ultimately, one can carry a tablet in his pocket. Samsung was able to accomplish a foldable OLED display by developing a new composite polymer layer rather than glass. Moreover, it also comprises of an adhesive that binds the screen with the cover. Thus, a user can fold it as many times he wants without damaging the display. In the long run, Samsung has become the World’s first company to unveil a foldable phone. The tech giant is also betting big on Infinity Flex Display and a fresh UI. The company still owns a trump card and aims to keep the rivalry guessing. However, Samsung is not solitarily trying to develop a foldable smartphone. In the previous week, a US-based start-up Royole Corporation inaugurated a device, FlexPai, in China. Besides this, the primary folding function of FlexPai is quite similar to Samsung’s foldable phone.

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