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Uber Unrolls Reward Program to Engage More Number of Customers

Uber Unrolls Reward Program to Engage More Number of Customers

Uber Technologies Inc. is unrolling a new reward program initiating Wednesday, offering its most loyal users cash back on rides. Uber has not yet raised to the skies. However, the ride-hailing service previews 15 million ride bookings across the world per day. The company is already offering a regular free-style reward program, Uber Rewards. The program is launching in nine cities which lets ride-hail consumers win perks like affordable fares, excellent customer support, and airport pickup. The company aims to gain customers and influence investors on account of the company’s planned IPO in 2019. Currently, riders earn points for all the money they spend on Uber. And the company consumes that score them $5 credits, upgrades to more excellent cars, access to premium support. Furthermore, the company offers customizable cancellations that give up the fee if they rebook within 15 minutes.

The new program is the company’s one of the brilliant ideas to attract people towards it. As soon as user signup for free rewards, it retroactively counts users previous six-month records of Uber activity to offer perks. Now the users in Miami, Denver, New York, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, San Diego or anywhere in New Jersey will see the new Rewards bar on the home screen of their app. Additionally, the loyalty program binds all of the company’s different transportation and food delivery options together. The move is to motivate customers to stick with Uber across a suite of solutions in spite of using it as an option.

Nundu Janakiram, Uber’s director of product for riders, says as people use the service more and more in their daily lives. They also wanted to find an option to reward them for selecting Uber. Holly Ormseth, Uber Rewards’ product manager, says the global expansion is top of mind for them. They understand that offering the perks will cost Uber, but it’s a kind of investment for them, adds Holly. On the other hand, earlier this week, Lyft announced that it would start its loyalty program in December. The program arrives at a time when an enlarging number of ride-hailing apps are excitedly battling for business.

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