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Vitamin Water Company Challenges People to Live Without Phone and Win $100,000

Vitamin Water Company Challenges People to Live Without Phone and Win $100,000

Nowadays, smartphones have become an undividable part of routine life. But Vitamin Water, the Coca-Cola company, offers a new contest for smartphone fans. The NoPhoneForAYear contest will provide one American a large amount with a condition. The company slogans, ditch your smartphone for a year and win $100,000. Vitamin water has not given any other details about the new contest. But the company aims to monitor the desirous candidate’s phone use. The mineral water company says anyone can participate in the game. However, the contest is not for smartphone addicts. Additionally, Vitamin Water will involve a lie detector to verify the contestants’ statement. The registration process is ongoing and will end on 8th Jan. Whereas, one participant has four chances to enter the competition.

On 22nd January, Vitamin Water will select one entry, and the selected one will get a notification on their social media account. Winner of the NoPhoneForAYear contest will win a 1996-era cellular telephone. Additionally, the winner will get an accompanying phone plan with one-year validity. The user requires to sign a contract with the company. According to the deal, the user will have to commit no smartphone usage during the contest. In the end, Vitamin Water will bestow a reward of $100,000. The selected user is allowed to use a laptop or PC, but cannot even touch a smartphone for a year.

Thousands of social media users are interested in the contest and already registered for the same. The new participants can enter the contest by posting a photo on Twitter or Instagram. Although, the post must include the reason for what the user need a break from the phone. The picture should also include the hashtag #nophoneforayear and #contest. It seems a simple challenge but is a difficult one for the smartphone addict people. According to Psychology Today, nomophobia is a real threat, and it impacts 40% of people. Over here, nomophobia is a physiological disorder in which the people fear of being without a smartphone.

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