What You Need To Know About Music Production

Let’s begin with determining who is a music producer. Back in the day, it was a person, who overviews the process of creating a song and contributes to its creation. They resembled film directors, and they had to combine all the necessary experts to organize the production process. With the development of technologies and the emergence of so-called bedroom producers, the notion acquired a broader meaning and started to imply many different things, but to simplify it for you, let’s say, if you use a DAW to write songs, you can be considered a producer. Another characteristic of today’s music industry is that you don’t have to be able to do everything yourself. Some specialists deal with every step of the production process, for example, mixing beats. So if you have problems with this stage of production you may hire a good audio mixing engineer, such as https://ekmixmaster.com to do it for you.


Anyone from an independent artist to an audio technician can become a producer. Let’s examine how it became possible. As music producers got more familiar with the recording process, they started to get creative with the recording, and they needed to control the recording process. So gradually, they undertook the role of composers as well. And as they became acquainted with mixing and tracking, the gap between music producers and sound technicians started to close.

Music Theory

The same was happening to audio technicians. They started to learn music theory, they knew what works and what doesn’t thanks to hours of practice, and soon could make creative decisions themselves. Nowadays, there are still people who start as audio technicians and later in their career become producers. They make all the necessary connections, learn from the best, and then put the knowledge they’ve gained into practice. One of the best examples is DJ Swivel, who was an engineer and now works as a music producer as well.

Sound Technician

But it doesn’t mean that to become a music producer you have to be an artist or sound technician. Some of the producers don’t know how to play an instrument, but it doesn’t mean they are less talented. Their talents lie elsewhere. They are skilled psychologists and master organizers. Their task is to make everyone work great together and get the best performance out of everyone. It requires a lot of skill and knowledge.

There Are Creators

Who play only one role in the studio, but there are also those who prefer to do everything themselves. They are composers, artists, mixing and mastering engineers all in one. This is admirable without a doubt, but don’t assume that to be good you have to do everything yourself. Your success depends solely on your ability to develop your unique talents and skills.

Decide what you want to do the most and keep at it. There are many ways to get into production. You may begin as an artist, as an audio technician, or if you want to produce your tracks all by yourself, you can do it too. Whatever works for you, roll with it, and you will be able to achieve your goal. Just don’t forget to be patient and give it some time.

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